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About the designer at Kay's Art of Millinery
Hello and welcome to about the designer page of Kay's Art of Millinery.  My name is Kay and I am a milliner; otherwise known as hat maker. My designs are all hand made and created in house from start to finish. This is done by creating hat frames from my personal collection of wooden hat blocks. The straws, felts and other materials are hand blocked using the same hat blocks to give customers truly unique one of a kind hats. Those wishing to purchase my one of a kind hats may do so by clicking HATS. All my hats and hat frames may be purchased online with confidence because I stand behind my products and want each customer to be completely satisfied with their purchases. 

For those just getting to know me; my designs have been sold in numerous US states and I have also taught millinery classes. Throughout my millinery career and even today many people have often asked how I became interested in the millinery art. The fact is I started making hats years ago after being inspired by Princess Diana who was a hat wearer. 

Today when we think about milliners, we automatically visualize women with lots of hats and hat blocks as they sit blocking hat bodies. Personally I was very surprised to find out years ago that the Art of Millinery was originally practiced predominantly by men hatters and hat making was their only source of income. 

During that time leather hides dominated the hat industry and were designed to be worn during the winter and fall seasons, straws were also woven and designed to be worn predominately during warmer summer and spring months. A few decades ago the old buckram material that had been used primarily for costumes, dated hats, book covers, and household items reentered as a new player in the hat business. This gave milliners the opportunity to create hats that could easily be covered and worn for any season.

More recently an even newer product called FOSSHAPE(R) was introduced and I proudly say I am the first to create a line of hat frames using this material. You may learn more about these hat frames, view and even now purchase them by visiting my FOSSHAPE(R) hat frames website. Thank you for visiting, I hope you find both buckram and fosshape hat frames you want to use for your next unique millinery creation. In the meantime Happy Hat Making and make this the very best day you can.

All hats and hat frames are shipped in boxes to help prevent damage. Since boxes are used, not envelopes; a question asked by a recent customer, fees are higher. Orders are shipped US postal service and fees are pre-calculated since it is not possible to know which items will be ordered. I hope this information is helpful and look forward to your future orders.   


Kay Durden 

Buckram Hat Frames by Kay is family-owned has operated since 2006. Every customer is treated like family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch.  
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Kay Durden millinery designer